Purple Brecciated Fluorite Crystal Stone Jewelry Pendant and Tower Gift Set

Broken heart
No longer available.

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Gift set of a purple brecciated fluorite tree of life wire wrap pendant and tower.

The pendant is wrapped in silver toned wire in a tree of life and measures 2 3/8 inches tall, 1.25 inch wide.

The tower is 3 1/8 inches tall, 1 1/8 inch wide on the base.it does have a slice on one bottom corner. Please see pics.

Perfect for someone that loves crystals, the color purple, or fluorite.

Brecciated Fluorite reveals your life purpose and helps you align with your spiritual gifts and calling. This stone also helps manifest jobs and opportunities, brings optimism about the future, shows you where to go, how to proceed, and where to seek guidance.

Fluorite cuts through the mental clutter and confusion, helps you to become more discerning in what you allow in, bringing scattered energies and thoughts into greater cohesion, helps you manifest your purpose, open your psychic channels, enhances psychic ability.

Common questions

For pendants pictured without a bail (the piece that goes into the drill hole so you can slide a chain through), I will make a wire bail. I will need to be able to reach you to see what color bail you want the wire in.

Please keep dry. Some crystals will dissolve if they get wet. A little sweat against the skin or a little rain (if you are out and about) will be fine, but please do not shower or swim with the pieces.

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