Please contact us if you have any questions.
For pendants pictured without a bail (the piece that goes into the drill hole so you can slide a chain through), I will make a wire bail. I will need to be able to reach you to see what color bail you want the wire in.
Yes. I can sometimes offer a discount or cords at no cost, if you purchase 3 or more items at once. Please contact me prior to purchase. Please note that I am not always able to offer this and it will depend on the pieces that you are interested in and my inventory.

Yes, please contact me prior to ordering so I can get you a quote and time frame. I live in a rural area and am not always able to leave to go to one of the other shipping centers.

I am always interested in learning new things. If you would like me to make anything special, I would love to hear details about it and give it a whirl.
I work and live in Heaven… I mean Ruch/Applegate, Oregon.

Yes, however I will need to get you a quote. Please contact me prior to ordering. My prices reflect shipping to the USA only.

Unfortunately, I have cut back on making soap. It does not hurt to ask, but please do not be offended if I say no. To make 1 batch of 10 bars, it takes me 2 hours of cooking and watching it, then it has to set overnight and be cut and labeled. I do not make custom soap for 1 bar anymore. It would need to be for an entire batch of 10 bars.

I usually package an order up right away and ship it out the next business day.

Packages usually arrive anywhere between 3-7 business days within the USA after placing an order.

It think it gives you a little more perspective as to the actual size of the piece. It is also easier for me to move around.
I am always excited to learn something new! I cannot make any promises or guarantees, but please check in with me and provide details.

The pendants are sold by themselves and do not come with chains or cords. I sell cords and chains separately and often have many unlisted chains or cords sitting around. Feel welcome to contact me if you are interested in a certain type of chain or cord.

I also usually have wire or chain readily available to make a custom chain.

I have been making jewelry for as long as I can remember. It started with pony beads of course, but when I met my best friend, her and her mom taught me how to bead on a loom. From there, it went to making chokers and beaded necklaces, beaded berets, etc.
It is difficult to narrow it down, however my ultimate favorite is covellite. I just discovered it and it is stunning! Runners up are cherry orchard, moss agate, lepidolite, pyrite, marcasite, obsidian, crazy lace, and lapis lazuli.
Unfortunately, I only take payment online.