Beautiful Tan Brown and Blue Sea Sediment Jasper Stone Pendant Necklace

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Item #yx6TXvMEENc-1047

Pendant of a blue, brown and tan sea sediment jasper stone with alloy, rhodium plated bail.

Measures 1 5/8 inch tall and wide.

Please select your chain length and color prior to checkout. You will receive a lobster clasp snake chain.

If you would rather not have a chain, just let me know and Ill drop the price down $1.

I also sometimes have black leather cords or ball chains (in many different colors) sitting around. Feel free to ask me what I have.

I can also do a wire bail (additional $3 charge) or alloy gold plated bail (no extra charge) instead of the existing bail. Please contact me if you would prefer either option.

For my reference: located in bin 5

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