Heavenly Skies Rainbow Moonstone Gemstone Crystal Jewelry Pendant

Broken heart
No longer available.

Reference id: O9LD8IKaa4A 11929

Pendant of a rainbow moonstone crystal in a 925 ornate silver plated frame.

Very flashy with what looks like heavenly skies.

Measures about 2.5 inches long, 1 inch wide.

Common questions

For pendants pictured without a bail (the piece that goes into the drill hole so you can slide a chain through), I will make a wire bail. I will need to be able to reach you to see what color bail you want the wire in.

Please keep dry. Some crystals will dissolve if they get wet. A little sweat against the skin or a little rain (if you are out and about) will be fine, but please do not shower or swim with the pieces.

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